Care College Of Pharmacy

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Rules & Regulations

  • Students should maintain discipline, dignity and decorum in the college premises.

  • Use of Mobile phones are strictly banned in the Class & Laps. If any student is found in possession of phone, it will be confiscated immediately.

  • Ragging, teasing, chewing tobacco or gutka or pan masala, smoking, drinking alcohol and other unhealthy practices are strictly prohibited. If any student is found guilty, they will be Punished and penalised accordingly.

  • Ragging is considered a serious punishable offence by the authorities. Any student who faces any problem in this regard can complain to the anti-ragging committee of the institute headed by the Principal.

  • Students should not associate with any groups inside or outside the college and should not engage in any group activities that are against the interest and reputation of the college.

  • Students require minimum of 75% attendance in theory and practical classes separately in each subject to appear for examinations. Students found short of attendance will not be permitted to appear for university examinations.

  • Monthly attendance of the:student will be monitored and any student found with less than 75% attendance will be fined

  • Student should be dressed neatly and properly as per the dress code specified by the authorities.

  • All students are required to strictly follow the college timings. They should be in the college campus during the college working hours.

  • Laboratory breakages, loss of books and damage to furniture etc., shall be charged to the candidate concerned.

  • In case of missing books from the library, the candidate shouig the book with latest edition available in the Market or candidate has to pay double the cost of the book

  • Student has to pay the Tuition fee prescribed by the Govt. 0 Andhra Pradesh and other fees of Kakatiya University from time to time within 15 days from the date of commencement of class work of every year. Otherwise a fine of Rs.50/- per day has to be paid by the student.

  • Two-Three sessional examinations are conducted for every subject and one for practical in the academic year with 20 each. This will be added to the final marks.

  • Records, Aprons subject books for the entire academic year are provided by the college at the time of admission against of the requisite.

  • After the course completion ‘Original Certificates’ will be issued only on producing ‘No Due Certificate’ from all the departments, Library and Office.

  • Students can participate in various extracurricular activities like Sports and Games, NSS etc.,