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Dean’s Message

“Come and be a part of Care College Pharmacy which truly cares for your future. Wish you all the best and great success in your future endeavors.”

Care College of Pharmacy, Warangal is one of the very few institutes in India which was founded and managed exclusively by all the pharmacy professionals graduated from the Kakatiya University, known for its excellence in pharmacy education and research across the world. It was established in the year 2004 with a motto of imparting holistic pharmacy education to the students admitted into our college. The college offers various courses like B.Pharm, M.Pharm, and Pharm.D. The academic policies and practices of the institution are designed to cater the needs of patients care as well as the manufacture of quality medicines by pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmacy course has glorious future and excellent career prospects across the world. Pharmaceutical sector and Information Technology are considered as the engines of economic growth and wealth in India. Besides serving and satisfying the health needs of nation, pharmaceutical sector contributed immensely to the GDP of our country. This shows that pharmacy profession is the health and wealth of our nation. The need for quality medicines is a continuous and unending process. The newly emerging digital lifestyle is presenting various challenges in terms life style diseases such as Hypertension, Blood clotting disorders, Diabetes, Cancer, Depression, and Kidney diseases. There is a huge responsibility on the pharmaceutical scientist to design and develop new drugs for the existing and emerging diseases. Drug design, development, delivery, and dispensing are the important phases in drug product life cycle where pharmaceutical care is paramount to attain the intended objectives of a therapy. There are innumerable incidents where patients suffering from adverse drug reactions and side effects because of the poor patient counseling which is supposed to be given by qualified clinical pharmacists. Therefore, we emphasize on the development of competencies and skills among the students rather than conventional method of examination centric learning.


M.Pharm, Ph.D

Dean & Professor

Care College of Pharmacy