Care College Of Pharmacy

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M.Pharm Pharmacology

M.Pharm Pharmacology was established in the year 2009. Departmental laboratories are well-equipped with instruments like Y Maze, Radial Maze, Convulsometer, Actophotometer, Rotarod Apparatus for the pursuit of research, and our faculty members use a wide variety of experimental methodologies in pre-clinical and molecular pharmacology. The department has three full fledged Laboratories used for B.Pharm, and Pharm.D

Pharmacology deals with scientific study of drugs and their effects on living systems. Pharmacology is crucial for discovering new drugs, improving efficacy, reducing adverse drug reactions, understanding pharmacogenetic variation in drug response. It forms the backbone of rational therapeutics.

Areas of Research:

  • Screening of Herbal/Synthetic drugs for various Pharmacological activities.
  • Neuropharmacology.
  • Bioassays on isolated tissue & organ.